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   -  F-PBA Automation Solution

ORACOM Co., Ltd. is specialized on PBA/FPBA Business and its Solutions.

Main Businesses are FPBA Business, Semiconductor Tester PBA Business, Vehicle
Components PBA Business, and FPBA Solution Business.

Oracom is changing its future business portfolio towards high value businesses.

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Smartphone FPBA Business

Smartphone FPBA Business includes the production of
modules which used in the smartphones, and the other
various electronic devices such as the smart watch.

Vehicle Components PBA Business

Vehicle Components PBA Business includes battery
modules used not only in Gasoline/Diesel vehicles,
but electric vehicle such as temperature controller.

Semiconductor Tester PBA Business

Semiconductor Tester PBA Business includes precise
production of modules such as Wafer Tester System
and the other high value equipment.

FPBA Solution Business  

FPBA Solution Business is a solution business which
ORACOM solely developed for several years and it
enables users to do mass production of tiny modules
such as the FPCB modules.

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