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ORACOM Co., Ltd. has been growing with development of South Korea's IT industry,
specialized in Smartphone F-PBA, Semiconductor Test Equipment PBA, Vehicle Components,
and the other businesses which are leading World IT industry.

ORACOM has its strength in customer reliability created by its 20 years of Quality
Management, and it brought customer's satisfaction and new business opportunity by
trust which has been ORACOM's growth engine

ORACOM's trained engineers response actively to meet customer's needs under the
idea of Quality Management, while the production process is not limited by the
simple PBA process, but is able to proceed the complex circuit design and the
customer's need to minimize its fraction defective.

ORACOM proceed innovative works every year for constant growth in the rapidly
changing world's market, and we make our own business portfolio which is not to
settle for the present, but to seek for the future success.

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