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Oracom's "History"

     2017         Acquire T-3 Technology Evaluation Excellent Company Certificate from NICE Information Sevice
     2016         Acquire 7 Manufacturing Automation Solution Patents(~2017)
     2015         Receive $10 Million Exportation Award
     2014         Register as a vendor of Semiconductor Tester  Supplier
                     Begin supply Vehicle Components
     2013         Register as a vendor of VC Business
                     Acquire ISO/TS 16949 Certificate
     2012         Register as a vendor of Vehicle company
     2010         Supply Car BlackBox
     2009         Designated as  Export Promising Business
     2008         Acquire MAIN-BIZ Certificate
                     Designated as Gyeong Gi Province Excellent Business
     2007          Extend Headquarter building in Pyeong Taek city
                      Attract Second Investment
     2006          Acquire INNO-BIZ Certificate
                      Attract First Investment
     2005          Designated as Quality 100ppm company from Customer's quality inspection
     2004          Register as a Vendor of Mobile Communication Business
                      Receive $5 Million Exportation Award
                      Receive President's Award from Republic of Korea government
     2003          Built Headquarter in Pyeong Taek city
                      Obtain  ISO 9001 / TL 9000 Certificate
                      Develop and Export MP3 Player to the USA/China/HongKong
     2002          Designated as a Vendor of CDMA business
                      Acquire Laboratory Establishment Certificate
     2001           Establish ORACOM CO., LTD (R&D center)

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